Sunday, October 14, 2012

Time Heals All Wounds?

There was a time I believed the line, "Time heals all wounds." But I am re-evaluating those words. It should read, "when the wound has been cleaned and antibiotics applied, then the wound will heal." If the wound is left as is, the bacteria will multiply and infection will set in. Also, whatever instrument was used to inflict the wound must be studied. The instrument was contaminated and whatever was on it, got into the wound.

I  am applying this to relationships. When a person has been wounded, help is needed to restore that person back to good health. In most cases words are the instruments people use to inflict pain. The person causing the pain must ask for forgiveness while the wounded person decides he/she will forgive or not. Forgiveness is really the antibiotic that must be applied. If forgiveness is not applied, the wounded individual will be opened to more wounding as time goes on. Like an infection that spreads, not forgiving will have a longer, more lasting effect than the wound itself.

Is there a wound you are trying to heal from? Have you applied the ointment of forgiveness? Try it and then see if "time does heal the wound more quickly."


  1. Thoughtful post. I do find time is helpful and a conscious effort to move away from the hurt. It's really worked for me.
    Wishes for a good week!

  2. Barbara--We must mark this date on the calendar. Barbara Hodges wrote in prose. No poetry. No rhyme scheme. Is the earth going to open up and swallow us all? ;)

    Yes, forgiveness is necessary. If we hold a grudge or keep poking the wound so that it never heals and just festers, we'll never be able to move on. The "serenity prayer" helps me most of the time....

  3. I don't know if it heals all wounds - but it does get better.

  4. Thank you, ladies. I appreciate your thoughts. Yes, Sioux, my poetic juices weren't flowing today. (smiles) Buttercup, good advice about moving away from the hurt. Chatty Crone-it's always sweet to hear from you.

  5. Hi Barbara! I've been thinking of you and here you are, writing a new blog post! Yes, forgiving people is the answer. Sometimes, it may be years before it happens, but when it does...such a load is lifted! Wishing you a beautiful, blissful week!
    P.S. Are you attending the SW workshop this month? I'll be there.

  6. Hi Barb,
    I've missed visiting your blog.
    Thanks once again for getting me to think. I do believe time heals, but doesn't completely cure, all wounds.
    A wise person once told me that to heal I shouldn't deny or bury my feelings. While he put his advice rather indelicately, "sometimes you've got to pick the scab and let it bleed," his words made me stop and think.
    Hope you have a blessed rest of the month, and I hope to see you soon.