Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Album

The Album
The pictures in my album can
show the “good old days”.
For I can alter them,
in so, so many ways.

With a snip here or a snip there,
I can make the picture a single,
Or make it a pair.

If the background is too busy,
I can crop it all out.
My scissors can work magic.
Of this there is no doubt.

Thumbing through my album,
Can be lots of fun,
Whether I have an hour,
or if I’m on the run.

Memories come flooding back,
Of days gone by.
Some will be funny.
Others will make us cry.

We can have more “good old days”,
It really is true.
Our pictures just remind us,
of things we once knew.

1 comment:

  1. Purple Pen---
    I am jealous of you,
    Rhyming makes my sanity askew.
    It's like rhyme is part of your DNA
    For me, it makes me look at the moon & bay!