Monday, August 2, 2010

Forty-one Years ago Today

It was so hot, that Saturday afternoon. Friends and family had gathered at St. John's Baptist Church in Ewing Township, a suburb of Trenton, New Jersey. They were there to witness our marriage. Jim and I were smiling from head to toe. He was in his Air Force uniform and I was in a lovely long white dress. It had been a nerve wracking time because we were not sure if Jim would get orders that would delay our wedding. But it all worked out. That has really been the theme of our married life: It all worked out.
Now 41 years later, we can lovingly say, it is still working out.


  1. Congratulations, Barbara. And wonderful words to live by - it has all worked out.

    We are of the same generation. Just last month Walt and I clebrated our 42nd anniversary. He wore his Air Force blues and I wore a white dress--at St. Mary's Church in Bridgeton, MO.

    Here's to 41 more years for you both.
    Donna V.

  2. What a simple phrase, yet it's packed with meaning..."It all worked out." There are too many people who expect perfection all the time, who expect to just "add water and stir" when it comes to ironing out marital differences. Being able to look back on the hills, the gorges, the plateaus...That's a reason to be content.