Monday, October 11, 2010

The Dents and Dings

Why are there many dents on the cars that I see?
They appear on the driver's side,two out of three.
Did either driver run through an approaching redlight?
Was there blinding sunshine that hindered one's sight?
Or could it have been a grocery cart out of control
running into the side of a car, taking its toll?

The dents and dings can be in other places too.
I look around my car and I see a few.
Why don't you get them fixed someone might say.
That is on my list to have it done someday.
But in the mean time I hope no more dings.
I want to use my money for other things.


  1. Yes, most cars are dinged up. And when I was younger (and more stupid), and had cars that were older and even more dinged up, when faced with a (nicer) car coming my way and perhaps taking up more than their share of the road, it made me fearless. As if, "Come on, scrape me up. I won't be upset but you might..."

    Little dings and dents are so superficial. Why do people value cars so much, or why is their image connected to their cars so much, that they must be kept in almost-new condition? In the large scheme of things, are dents so awful?

  2. Barb,
    I can so relate to your poem! A friend opened the passenger door of my new car and dinged it the first week. I never got it fixed. Dings are the wrinkles of life.