Monday, November 1, 2010


The Bible encourages us not to fret or get in a stew about something. One of the weakest areas for me when it comes to fretting is when I lose something. Psalm 37:8 says that fretting leads to evil doing. For me this means I am going to be short on patience with anyone near me.
I am now learning to put myself on "pause" mode before I get worked up. Instead of asking the Lord for help as a last resort, I ask Him right off. Without fail He causes me to find the missing item, and usually as a bonus, I may find something else that I had completely forgotten about. For example, I was looking for my favorite tube of lipstick. I poured out the contents of my current handbag, nothing. So I rummaged through another bag, nothing. But a pen dropped out and rolled under a container that was on the closet floor. I reached down to retrieve it and guess what? There was the lipstick and also an earring that I had not realized was missing. What an exciting moment! Remember, don't fret, but ask the Lord to help you find that missing item.

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  1. Barb--The same thing happens to me. I will find something else as a "bonus." And I don't know what is with my purse...I can look through it for something---and search thoroughly---and when I look elsewhere and then root through my purse again, there it is!