Saturday, April 16, 2011

An Eavesdropping Poem

 "Did you hear what she's done now?"
"Just sign here and we can continue."
"I don't believe she would do such a thing."
Our company prides itself on service."
"Well, Julie heard about it at the hair salon."
"Let me go over the fee scale with you."
"Do you think the neighbors know?"
"We have several payment plans you can choose from."
"Her children must be so embarrassed."
"What if I am able to lower the monthly payments?"
"Now I understand why their house just went on the market."
"This is your last opportunity to take advantage of our offer."

Moral of the poem: Be aware of your conversation in a public place.
You just might be giving a poet "wannabe" material for her next poem.


  1. Barbara, Your posts are SO interesting. I'd like to guess where these conversations took place...maybe a medical office?

  2. Creative and fascinating, but sad.
    How true about being careful about what you say in public.

  3. Barbara---I like that you chose a couple of different conversations and wove them together.

    Once I went on a writing marathon, and we went to a winery. I sat near a table with several couples who were well "hydrated." I was writing down bits of their conversation, thinking I was not being obvious about it, but at one point, one of them shrieked, "She's writing down everything we say!" I quickly moved away to a table far away from them. You're right. Evesdropping CAN give us great writing material!

  4. Barb,

    Clever piece. And so true! Thanks for sharing.