Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Prayer

Thank you, Lord, that lives were not lost as a result of the tornado.
Help the families whose homes were detroyed or damaged.
Renew the strength of all the people who are working around the clock.
Cause insurance companies to work with the families to bring speedy resolutions with their claims.
Touch people's hearts to find ways to offer aid.
Maneuver circumstances to work out for good for all those affected.
Meet the needs of people out of work due to the damage.
Give officials a sense of direction when making decisions.
Strike the spirit of fear out of the hearts of those affected.
Thank you, Lord, that lives were not lost as a result of the tornado.


  1. Amen, and blessings, Barb on this holy day.

  2. I'm assuming all are safe and sound in your family, Barb?

  3. I hope you are safe and sound. sandie