Monday, August 22, 2011

Wonders So Far This Day

I stand in wonder when.......
my letter to a friend arrives in one day
unexpected refund checks are sent by the telephone & car insurance companies
my 44 year old Kenmore sewing machine still works
I look out my window and see the various shades of green
there is no end to the amount of words we have at our fingertips
I find something that I know only the Lord could show me where to look.
These are just wonders in one part of my day. I look forward to the other wonders throughout the rest of this day and the days to come.
What wonder has impressed you the most this day?


  1. How fast the internet can pick up information.

  2. We have three hummingbirds in our back yard who come really close. It is an amazing gift.

  3. It came yesterday, but I'm still impressed.

    The memorial to Dr. King in Washington, which is going to have its grand "opening" in a week, I think. It's an incredible work of art...

  4. The wonder of friends that rally around you on moments that matter.

  5. Thank you Chatty, Linda, Sioux, and Sally for your "wonders". (smiles)

  6. I wonder at my ability to rise each morning, and thank God for it each time.