Monday, January 2, 2012

Angiogram Poetry

I was scheduled to take a treadmill stress test. I had one several years ago and it was not a pleasant experience. So I had that memory clouding my enthusiasm for another one. Well, I did not get to the level the doctor was looking for, so he ordered an angiogram to rule out any blockages. The poem below is a thank you I sent to the staff and doctor at the testing center.
               Thank You
Angiogram, angiogram, here I come.
I’m not sure this will be fun.
I arrived at the lab right on time,
Despite the fact it was hard to find.
The ladies at the front desk were very sweet.
Then the rest of the team I did meet.
Dr. Selke was waiting like he said he would.
His stature was impressive when he stood.
The procedure was explained clearly to me,
To check that my arteries were clog free.
I have tiny veins for IV’s to be placed,
I tried to keep my composure seasoned with grace.
I was wheeled to the lab and the test began.
It was over quickly and went as planned.
The doctor gave me the all clear and said to exercise.
I was relieved and had tears in my eyes.
The weight on my shoulders started to lift.
What he said to me was like a Christmas gift.
Thank you, thank you, I said, with a smile on my face.
The Missouri Heart and Vascular is a very fine place.
Keep doing all the great work that you do.
A “heartfelt” thumbs up goes out to you.


  1. Barb--I imagine that is the FIRST rhymed poetic thank-you they have received. My husband had a heart cath done this winter. Any possible problem with the heart is scary indeed.

    I'm glad the test results were good...Weren't they?

  2. SO happy for you that the results were good. I wrote a poem like this for my physical therapist and they hung it up in the office, as testimony :)