Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hurting Hearts

I had written the following poem some time ago before my new chapter, unaware that I would be able to identify with the content later on. This was an earlier post but i tweaked it to ft this theme. As I have begun to share with others, I am amazed at the stories I am hearing. As life would have it, each of us will go through something. It is what we do with that "something" that tells the story.

Watching people as they go by,
so many hurts and a silent cry,
could be heard if listen we dare,
to offer kind words to show we care.

Why do we pretend all is well,
when deep down we're going through hell?
Do we really want to cry, but laugh instead,
to avoid facing what's in our head?

We hide behind busyness or lots of TV,
to cloud the picture we don't want to see.
Avoiding the telephone when it rings,
keeping to ourselves, we don't say a thing.

The longer we ignore the pain that we feel,
the greater the time we will need to heal.

So even though some marriages are slipping away,
Know that the Lord will still make a way.

Do you find people are more willing to share when you have become transparent about something you have experienced?


  1. I do think that when you share, others open up and share with you, and you find out that lots of people are having a tough time. Like you, others tend to try and keep it under wraps, to keep it to themselves, but that is no way to heal.

    I agree with Donna's comment to your previous post. You're going to emerge stronger. I just know it.

  2. Hi Barb,
    I've been thinking about you lately and praying you are doing well. As you know I've had some terrible tragedies in my life, and one thing I've learned from all the hurt and sorrow is how wonderful people are and how much they care and want to help. What has worked for me is to keep private the pain that hurts the most, but to share the parts that might help others who are in pain. Praying also helps, not just for myself but for others.