Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Your Smile

I was at a popular fast food restaurant recently. At the counter a young man said hello. Smiling, he asked me for my order. His genuine courtesy and the fact that he looked me in the eye, touched my heart. I received my order and found a seat. The more I thought about the young man's courteous manner, the more I wanted to let him know how much it meant to me. So I wrote a poem. He was on break so I gave it to his manager. He read the poem and said he would give it to the young man. He thanked me for recognizing his employee's efforts.

"Your Smile"
You gave me a smile and a warm hello.
I could tell they were real, and not just for show.
Keep your smile throughout the day.
You might lift someone's spirit along the way.
It only took a moment of your time.
But it was so powerful.
Please use it all the time.

It was several weeks before I was in that restaurant again. I did not see the young man but I did ask about him. The manager said he had been promoted and would be in later that day. Now I don't know how much my comments played in this promotion, but it warms my heart to know that his efforts were rewarded. Look for a smile today and encourage the person to keep it up.

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