Friday, August 20, 2010

Even in Death

A few blogs ago, I shared a story about my son-in-law losing his mom to cancer. Ann was an avid "couponer" and "rebater". She was always finding great deals on everything and sharing the fruits of her labor with family and friends. If there was a double coupon day in the nearby vicinity, Ann was there. Earlier this week, I received 3 checks from Johnson and Johnson. I knew I had not sent any rebates out. Later that evening, I put it together. I wonder if Ann had arranged for me to receive this surprise. I called my daughter to ask her if she had received any checks in the mail. She said that before Ann had died, she had gathered up enough strength to send out all of her rebates putting them in our names. This news of course brought tears to my eyes. Even in her death, Ann was still giving to others. What application for our lives can we take from this? Think about it.


  1. Barbara---It sounds like you had a marvelous friend in your daughter's mother-in-law. Certainly, way too often, we think of ourselves first---or even just ourselves. Such a small gesture (although it took strength that she was trying to conserve) but since coupons and rebates and saving and sharing were such integral parts of her life,it was a monumental thing to do. It could start a sort of "Pay It Forward" movement...Ann thought of you, you can think of a gesture to do for someone (without taking credit) as well as share it on your blog, so the effect can spread...It sounds like Ann was an incredible woman!

  2. Barbara---Check out my posting on 8/20. I have a surprise for you.