Monday, August 23, 2010

Learning is Exciting

What new thing have you learned lately? Today I completed training on a new testing tool called Aimsweb. It is used to see where a student is in his math and reading skills. I was so pumped when I felt that I had mastered it. What is it about learning? My appetite has been stimulated to seek out other learning opportunities. What new thing have you learned lately? Let me know.


  1. I am learning (this year) to really look at data carefully, so that it "drives" my instruction.

    On a more recreational vein, I have been going to occasional glass fusing classes in Columbia, Missouri. It's a blast to make a wallhanging or a bowl using various kinds of glass, and fusing them in the kiln. (Every time it is a surprise!)

    I think you will like using Aimsweb. We have not done the reading prior to this year, but the math works.

  2. I've learned my graduate students don't as much care about the grade they receive as they do about the depth of the comments I offer in response to their writings. It's something I must keep in mind when I'm tempted to rush through my students' early drafts.

    Barb, great site! Glad I found you.