Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dated Gold Mines

Do you save your calendars or date books from year to year? I did not realize how many I had saved until recently. I was amazed at the gold mine of information held within those monthly pages. It is very interesting to go back in time and revisit the particular events, via memories. There were birthdays, funerals, parties, picnics, graduations, doctor appointments, bill due dates, and on and on. People I had forgotten had their special days marked. With the social networks up and running now, I have been able to reconnect with some of these same people after many years of silence.

These calendars are part of my history. They are also catalysts for future writings. The way I used my time in the past also was evident. My time was more child oriented because I was a young mom and a teacher. Now my calendar is showing a shift. I am more "me" focused. I mean this in a good way, not selfishly. My energies are now directed toward goals that were on the back burner. My prayer is that I will be just as fruitful now as I was
in my earlier years. Let's see if my calendar at the end of 2010 will show some evidence of this.


  1. Barbara---I would not think of saving those calendars all these years but you're right; the entries say so much about what your life was like.

    Perhaps you could take one month from your calendar and, based on the appointments/entries, write a character sketch or short story?

    You have lots of writing material there...

  2. Hi Barb! Hope you enjoyed today's Saturday Writers meeting as much as I did. Love your blog. You've done a very nice job with it!