Sunday, September 19, 2010

On the Way to that Great American Novel

So often I think we as writers think about writing that great American novel and nothing else. But there is a whole world out there with so many opportunities for the written word. On any given day, we are bombarded with words all over the place. If we are reading something, someone had to write it. Examples are the many billboards that decorate our highways. There are the flashing highway signs giving us a heads up about alternate routes due to construction. The truck on the side of us at the stoplight is advertising some services. What about all the junk mail that comes through our mailboxes, both snail mail and email? There was a time when only the bill was in the envelope. Now there are inserts after inserts included. I know we all have at one time or another, read the cereal box as we ate breakfast. Someone wrote all those words. Why can't we be that person? Let's think about these writing events.
Who knows? The writing opportunities all around us might just lead to our great American novel.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, you're right. There IS writing all around us. However, I am a bit disgruntled with some of those "writers." For example, the ad experts that came up with, "i'm lovin it." We try to tell kids that the word I is capitalized, yet everywhere they look is a McDonald's ad and the I is lowercase...