Sunday, October 3, 2010

Think About It

Do words really mean what we read? For example, have you read the sign above the fresh produce bins? The sign says the lettuce is trimmed fresh daily. Our mind's eye reads that the letter is fresh. Big difference. How about those cereal boxes? One reads no sugar added, while another reads, no added sugar.
When you are at a restaurant reading the menu, you may read diced-fresh vegetables. Once again, the vegetables may not be fresh, but they were diced fresh. How about the hand dipped ice cream? I don't know about you, but I would like someone to use a scoop rather than his hand. Or what about the country grown green beans? How would city grown green beans appeal to your palate? I am sure there are other examples. Can you add to the ones here?


  1. Here's more food for thought (hehe).
    Fresh frozen vegetables.

  2. I don't quite agree with you. I think the grunge under people's fingernails would add extra "flavor" to the ice cream (ha). I will be on the lookout for something to add.