Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday After-thoughts

Can you identify with some of these thoughts?
We spend a lot of time shopping, wrapping, and hiding all the presents. Then on Christmas morning, the wrappings come off in split seconds, trash is everywhere, triple A batteries are needed rather than double A, kids don’t want to share or are crying because they really wanted that other toy, not the actual one that is in their hand. That box that said some assembly required was really false advertising. There is not only a lot of work to do to put the toy together, but you need a special one purpose tool, which can only be ordered through a toll free number to Switzerland, between the hours of 3 a.m. and 6 a.m., Tuesday-Thursday. Then there are the gift accountants over in the corner doing the mental math to make sure the dollars they spent are compatible to what was spent on them.
The television is blasting out about the day after Christmas sales and all the money the consumers will save. This is the evidence to show how much markup was really in the original price. People will be at the stores bright and early with their receipts either to exchange for a different size or color, which they won’t find, or to get their money back.
Let’s not forget the seasonal shoppers. This is their time to stock up on hundreds of rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons, ornaments, cards, and other holiday paraphernalia. Of course I always dream of shopping like this, but knowing me, I wouldn’t be able to find it next year anyway.
Look up and down the street on trash pick up day. What stories could be told just by looking at all the various boxes. One can see who upgraded his computer, who received a state of the art stereo system, or electronic miniature pool table. There is also proof that a neighbor’s little girl received the newest Barbie Doll house with all the accessories. Don’t forget, in addition to the gadgets, one can probably tell who consumed the most alcohol. Those cans and bottles will be on the curb or should we wait until after the New Year for that tally?
Do you have an after-thought to add? Be my guest.


  1. I received an I.O.U from Santa this year! He said maybe I'll receive my new camera for my birthday, if I continue being such a good gal. What d'ya think of my chances??!! BTW, my birthday is in a couple of weeks! :D

  2. I cannot think of an afterthought to add. I think you covered it all, Barb. Certainly, the holiday would be nicer if some of the hustle and bustle was minimized a bit.

    Becky, I think you might have a decent chance of getting a new camera for your birthday...Perhaps the elves did not have enough time to manufacture it in time for Christmas, so the birthday fairy is filling in?

  3. Barb,
    You hit home with this one. December si so hectic, then a blur and then a let down. We should all be nice to one another everyday.

  4. I was successful in minimizing the "hectic" in my holiday. It was a bit less sparkly and sugar laden but I don't feel as though I missed anything. We spent some good time with family. I'm ready to bring in 2011 and see what wonders God will reveal. Happy New Year!

  5. Don't forget the result of all those hugs and kisses smack dab in the middle of cold and flu season. Sniff! At least it kept me away from the after Christmas sales!