Sunday, December 19, 2010

We Are Gifts For Each Other

A fun idea for work or home: get a bag of pretty bows and put them in a basket with this poem. I have done this at two different work sites and people really joined in the fun. (Yes, you have my permission to copy this poem:)

Whenever you see a bow,
it’s usually on a gift.
Find a color in this basket,
that gives you a lift.

We are here for each other,
whether we know it or not.
Each person has much to give.
Together we accomplish a lot.

Often we are pulled,
in so many ways.
Encouragement is welcomed,
when we’re having one of those days.

A warm smile, a gentle hug,
or a “How are you?”.
Can lift our spirits,
if we’re feeling blue.

So go ahead, take a bow,
if you dare.
We are gifts for each other,
when we show we care.
Have a very blessed holiday season!

P.S. Santa, please bring my friend, Becky, a new camera. Thank you.


  1. And Barb...You are such a gift! You make me slow down and think about things and be a bit introspective for a moment. Thank you.

  2. Sioux, you are such an encourager to me. Thank you so much. Relax over your break. It is certainly a well earned one!!!

  3. Thanks for the lovely poem, Barb, and the idea about the basket of bows.

  4. What a great idea! I'm going to use it at the church where I work. I'll let you know how much fun we have with it.

  5. Wonderful idea and poem, Barb! And gee, thanks...for the extra reminder to Santa for me! You're a sweetie and definitely a gift to all who know you! :)