Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow, Snow, Everywhere

White snow, lots of snow, that's all I see,
On cars, sidewalks, and every tree.

The tracks in the snow are from here to there.
Snow, snow is everywhere.

Is there a snowplow coming down the street?
I didn't know that sound could be so sweet.

This is a snow day that cause kids to smile.
For the parents, it makes for some hard miles.

Leaving out earlier is a bear for some.
Waiting until later is also not fun.

But what can you do when you must go?
Just grin and bear it as you fight the snow.

The snow is everywhere, that's what I see.
Please take your time and drive carefully.

Thank you for my newest follower, April Santos. Did I happen to mention that she is one of our three wonderful daughters?


  1. Barb--Your ability to look at everyday life and write about it AND rhyme always amazes me. Your poems and your observant pieces make me slow down (a little--ha!) and think about and savor life for a moment.


  2. Hi Barb,
    Sweet poem with great advice. I love it.
    Donna v.

  3. Hi Barb,
    Hope you're all dug out. Grin and bear it is about all we can do! I am holding out for summer:)

  4. We got the cold here, in the Panhandle, but no snow. I wouldn't mind one snowday if it would go back to warm and sunny the next.

  5. Hi thanks for coming by my blog today.

    So you know what - I hear you about the snow - we had snow here in GA and schools were closed for a week.

    Stay warm!