Saturday, January 15, 2011

How About Some Good News

Hello there, welcome to the evening news. Positive notes on the employment front today. People of all ages and races were added to the employment statistics. New people being hired means money will be pumped into our economy. Credit card usage is also dropping as people are learning how addictive those cards can be.

On the health front, a possible cure has been found for disease X. Along with this encouraging tidbit, doctors are admitting that yes, there are miracles taking place every day.

The makers of a popular mid-sized car have put out a recall. No, it's not what you think. This recall is to install floor pads that will help the driver have a more enjoyable long distance trip. Listen to this, no additional cost to the consumer. The company is using their end of the quarter profits to fund this recall.

The weather has definitely been a top news item of late. All the heavy rain has washed away many pollutants that have made daily breathing difficult for alot of people. Umbrella sales have also increased.

With all the talk about divorces in the entertainment world, take a look at this list. Yes, that's right. There are several of our favorite entertainers who have been married for a long time and to the same person.

Finally, a story out of Washington, D.C. Would you believe that our representatives will be participating in a Dale Carnegie course next month?
They want to improve in the way they debate with one another.

Thank you for being with us tonight. Join us tomorrow as we continue reporting the good news in our world.


  1. Hey Barb! Loved this, especially the part about the representatives taking a Dale Carnegie course! That was brilliant!! :)

  2. We can never get enough GOOD news. I'm sad good news does not get the immediate attention that bad news does.

  3. Barbara,
    Wouldn't these hadlines change the lives of many? We can always be hopeful and helpful.

  4. Would that all that were true, Barb! Well, we can dream, can't we? Thank you!