Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In My Living Room: What Can I Learn About Me?

When you walk into a room, what can you learn about the occupant? I decided to be an observer in my own home. On the coffee table there are library books. From the titles, a child in the second or third grade could be the reader. This is evidence that our grandchildren were visiting.

Near the books is a green plant in a yellow planter. I like to have something living as part of the decor. CDs featuring Christian recording artists are sitting near a CD player. Music is very important to me for worship.

Looking at the walls, one can see some African American art. There is one showing four little ballerinas lining up to begin a recital. Aother large painting hangs above the staircase. A grandfather is showing his little grandson how to play a banjo.

On another wall is a plaque with a quote about friendship. As I think about it, there is a friendship quote of some kind in three rooms. Friendship is very important to me.

There is a large picture window. I love having the curtains open so the sunlight can stream in throughout the day. Since our street has only one way in and one way out, there isn't alot of traffic. This makes for a very quiet day.

As I wind down my observations, I ask you to become an observer in one of your rooms. What did you learn?


  1. I guess if you looked at my combination livingroom/familyroom/diningroom/rec room, because there are wooden blinds on the windows, you would think I was a person who likes to be withdrawn/isolated/insulated. The decorations are sparse. I will have to think about what that says about me.

    Barb--One of your favorite quotes below is from the movie "Finding Forrester." That's a movie that I love. Thanks for reminding me of it...

  2. I learned somebody needs to get out the vacuum cleaner...and quickly!


  3. My living room looks very much like a man's den, paneling on the walls, leather furniture and a large, flat screen tv. The book case holds various Bibles and religious literature (religion professor in the house). The wall hangings are metal reliefs, corner scons and leaf panels. I like the feel but it is definately a masculine room, my husbands domain.

  4. Barb---You should check out www.magpietales.blogspot.com every Tuesday. There is a different photo every week, and since you are a poet, it's a "natural" for you, AND it's easy to link your blog so that others can read your piece and you can read others.

  5. Hmm. Nice challenge. Above the mantle is a large clock. On the mantle above the fireplace are photos of my children and grandchildren, two angel figurines, a Celtic cross and a plaque that reads "HOPE."
    Shoes on the rug near the front door, photos on a credenza, a large tapestry of a cottage in Ireland with an Irish blessing at the bottom. A coat rack overflowing. Books on the end tables, books next to my chair. Lots of clutter, that I try to overlook.
    Like Pat, I need a vacuum cleaner--and a swifter.
    Cozy clutter is how I'd describe my living room.