Monday, January 10, 2011

Why Is a Sign Necessary?

Anytime I have gone into the restroom at a restaurant, I am always amazed when I see a sign reminding employees to wash their hands. Is this really necessary? Isn't it just plain old common sense that one should wash his hands before leaving the bathroom? It makes me wonder how this came to be such an issue. Did someone report that an employee did not wash his hands and threaten to sue the establishment? Did the manager happen to catch one of her employees not washing her hands? Whatever the reason, I think it is a sad commentary to think that a person will go back serving food without considering his customers' well being. A sign is not going to change a person's heart. A heart change is needed for a person to care about someone other than himself.


  1. Hi Barbara,
    When I see that sign I just hope the workers read it and do it! Maybe managers do it so they don't get sued if one of their employees doesn't wash his hands then a customer gets sick?

    Seems that not everyone has common sense. I read something awhile back that said three things are missing in the world: common sense, common courtesy and common decency (I think that's the third one.)

    Hope you enjoy this wonderful snow day we're having.

  2. Barb,
    That's like printing a warning on coffee cups: HOT. I always think, eeww when I see that employee hand washing sign. Don't people KNOW that? hmmm. Maybe some people NEED signs. I'm blogging through my snow day. Enjoy.

  3. It all comes down to the letter of the law. Sanitation laws require clean surfaces, tools and hands and legally that must be posted. It likely does not hurt in the common sense department either.

    It is a good day for blogging.