Monday, April 18, 2011

Grandma's Joy

I could not resist this picture,
Of my grandson with a book.
He has the pages right side up,
As he takes a closer look.
He is only three years old,
Quite verbal for his age.
Grandma was delighted,
 Each time he turned the page.
What adventures await him,
As his love for reading grows.
This was a precious moment,
As every grandmother knows.


  1. He shares your love of reading - great gift to give him Barb.

  2. He is a cutie, and yes, I know all too well how precious those moments with a grandchild are...

  3. Reading is fundamental. How true that is and it's never to early a concept to teach. He is adorable, Barb.

  4. Hi Barb,
    Your grandson is adorable. How wonderful he has your love for reading. You are truly blessed.