Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Special Visitor

Jesus came to a certain village one day,
Where Mary and Martha just happen to stay.
He came for a visit and something to eat.
Martha was busy, Mary sat at His feet.
Martha was feeling very stressed.
She asked the Lord for a special request.
"Tell Mary to help me," she pleaded.
Jesus said Mary had chosen what was needed.
Each day, we too, must sit and be still.
It's only in the listening we can know His will.
Like Mary, the good part can't be taken away.
As we spend time with Jesus throughout our day.


  1. Barb, this is a very nice poem. I like how lyrical it is!

  2. We DO need to sit still and listen more...

  3. Listening is key when it comes to God - sometimes I need to do a better job of it.