Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Penny Hunt

I found a shiny penny just the other day.
Often in the past I would have looked away.
It is only a penny, someone would say to me.
But now it’s the start of a fun activity.

When there are fifty, I can fill a roll.
Collecting more and more will be my goal.
Rolls become dollars and that is so sweet.
I’ll keep my eyes open as I walk down the street.

I look at my rolls often as they pile up high.
Wondering when I get enough, what will I buy?
Or will I keep saving each penny I collect.
Waiting to find another one when I least expect.

The penny is much more important to me now.
Every time I find one, I’ll probably say “wow!”
The pennies that I gather will help a roll to fill.
Enough of them together, may pay a sudden bill.

Let’s not look at a penny anymore with disdain.
But raise it to a higher level and let it reign.
For the penny, shiny or dull, can take us far,
If we’re patient and willing, to see it as a star.


  1. Dear Barb:

    I never took for granted,
    A penny on the ground.
    I always picked it up
    So happy it was found.

    I always check the date
    Then put it in my purse
    I hope it brings good luck
    And not a mini curse.

    I'm very glad to see
    Another saves pennies, too,
    I hope today I'll find one,
    And that you will find one, too! :):):)Susan

  2. "A penny saved is a penny earned."
    That's my only penny contribution but I do pick them up!

  3. On the playground yesterday,
    I found a penny along the way.
    Its dull brown color served as camouflage;
    At first I thought it was all a mirage...

    But no, it was real, muddy and long-forgot...
    It was not priceless, not worth a lot.
    But put that bit of copper with more of the same,
    Certainly it won't lead to fortune or fame.

    You just might find, though,
    If you pick up more as you go,
    Added up into one big pile,
    The total will bring you a smile...

    I DID find two pennies the other day on the playground.

  4. Thank you to my three "S" blogging friends-Susan, Sally, and Sioux. Your poems are wonderful!! Yay for the penny!