Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Lady in Purple

I am participating in the Poetry A Day Challenge by Robert Lee Brewer at Poetic Asides.

The prompt for Monday was to write a poem about a person. The following is my attempt for the day.

There she is, the lady in purple,
her brown hair with purple highlights
with purple hoop earrings, hanging from her ears,
an intricatedly knotted purple scarf, draped around her neck,
a striped, short sleeve blouse, tucked into a long flowing purple skirt,
alternating stripes of purple and white straps on her summer sandals,
showing off her purple, polished toenails.
There she is, the lady in purple,
with a royal smile on her face.


  1. Hi Barb...I can see the lady in purple. Great job! Susan

  2. What a visual! I have a student like this. Good job.

  3. I like this too - makes me think about the ladies in red hats and just having a good old time.