Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Only You, Lord

Only You, Lord...........
could help me find that needle and thread that fell on the colored carpet.
could show me where I put that very important receipt.
would let me see a friend from years past.
would allow my tire to go flat in our driveway, rather than on a busy highway.
would bless me with words to write.
would let another person's writing touch my soul.
could show me how to accept myself.
Only You, Lord

What line from your life would you add?


  1. Only You, Lord, keep me calm, sane, and free from fear,even in the eye of the storm, because You are my protector and gentle Father.

    Hi Barb! Hope all is well. Susan

  2. Only You, Lord, have given me the gift of my blogger friends. Thank you for this wonderful gift!

  3. Only You, Lord, could lift me when my heart was heavy with grief.