Monday, April 4, 2011

Keep in Touch

People who know me know how much I value snail mail. This poem was written to encourage others to have a similar enjoyment.

Keep in Touch
When someone comes to mind,
Take a moment to drop them a line.
Show you're thinking of them today,
Wanting to send some words their way.
Sit in a cozy chair by your favorite lamp.
Address an envelope, put on a stamp.
Write words that you really mean,
Using inks of blue, red, purple or green.
Have some postcards of your state too,
Send them to friends away from you.
So pen a note sometime today,
To someone near or far away.


  1. It means a lot to the receiver... sandie

  2. Thank goodness somebody else still appreciates snail mail!

    The last snail mail I received was around Christmas time, from an old teaching buddy I hadn't heard from for eight years. I set the envelope aside until a time I was alone, so I could savor the moment. The anticipation was sweet. When the time was right, I carefully sliced open the envelope. And found...a chain letter.

    I was sorely disappointed.

  3. Val, I could feel your disappointment.

  4. Praying for my younger sister I felt God impressing on my heart to write to her. I wrote her weekly for 5 years. There is something magical in receiving a letter in the post.

  5. Thank you, Sandy, Val, and Sally. I agree. there is something magical about receiving notes via snail mail.