Sunday, April 3, 2011

Your Smile

The story behind this poem took place at a local fast food restaurant. I went to the counter and the young man behind the counter greeted me very warmly. But what stood out to me was his smile and the way he looked right at me as I ordered. Most of the time, the workers do not bother to look at you. I gathered my food and found a place to sit. The whole time I sat there, the more I wanted to give recognition to his demeanor. This poem is the result. He was on break so I passed the poem to his manager with an explanation and also a suggestion that the young man should be given a raise.

Your Smile
You gave me a smile
And a warm hello.
I could tell they were real,
 And not just for show.
Keep a smile on your face
throughout the day.
You might lift someone's
spirit along the way.
It only took a
moment of your time.
And it didn't even cost
a single dime.


  1. What a nice thought. I work in Customer Service and love to see when people receive commendations. It means so much and doesn't take a lot of time to do.

  2. What a lovely gesture. And you're right...So many times the employee at the counter could use a bit of training or some reminders of how they could improve their customer service skills.

  3. It was nice of you to recognize him to him manager. The poem was sweet.

  4. Such a warm and kind gesture that will be remembered long after today. I had a fast food experience today too. I blogged about it. Glad you're back, Barb.

  5. Barb, what an amazing thing to do! That small, yet significant connection between you and the young man was wonderful...and you carried it to the next level by creating a poem right there on the spot! This is the sweetest thing I've heard of in a long time. And I am sure that young man will remember you and your poem for...possibly forever!!

  6. I like it when someone looks me in the eye and recognizes that I am real and that I exist. Love your poem. sandie