Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Poem Each Day

Hi Everyone, It is wonderful to be back. Thank you for all of your sweet messages. Since this is the poetry season, my daily postings will be poems I have written in days past or in the present moment, Enjoy!
The following is the background poem for the title of my blog:

God Whispers in My Ear
God whispers in my ear,
During the day and night.
I must keep a pen nearby,
So I can write, write, write.

The Lord gives me a thought,
And shows me how to use it.
I go ahead and jot it down,
So I won't ever lose it.

The words just come,
And I start to write.
Putting the words together
Is such a delight.

I am always listening
For God's whisper in my ear.
It's through prayer and His Word,
That keeps Him so near.


  1. Hi Barbara! Welcome back! Great poem. We all must listen for God's whispering. Susan

  2. We're so glad you're back, Barbara. Sometime this next week, I will bring over the basket of goodies, assuming you are still willing to deliver it to the conference?