Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To Rhyme or Not To Rhyme

         To Rhyme
Poems do not have to rhyme.                                             
But that is how I do mine.                                                   
An instructor said rhyming is out.                                        
But that is what I'm all about.                                             
I have tried very hard not to rhyme,                                    
But I end up doing it every time.                                         
My brain seems to work this way.                                     
So why fight it, is what I say.                                                             
I will just keep shuffling along,                                           
Hoping to put a poem to song.
Until I change this natural course,
I'll be rhyming for better or worse.

    Or Not To Rhyme
Flushed cheeks, warm forehead,
runny nose, clutching his tummy,
whining endlessly,
grandson number 5, calling for mommy,
not for daddy, resisting the medicine
prescribed by the doctor,
earlier in the morning,
tired mommy, with a headache herself,
waiting for her own meds to kick in.


  1. Barb,
    I just LOVE your writing, and am a bit partial the one on your grandkid #5!!!


  2. Barb,
    I used to do all rhyming, but have gravitated to writing prose poetry and I like it better. I love your grandson poem so much.

  3. I agree with Melody-Mae and Linda. I think your grandson poem is marvelous!

  4. I second (third?) the motion to vote the grandson poem #1!