Monday, April 25, 2011

Helping One Another

Why does it take tragedy for us to realize what has value?
Listening to people whose lives have been turned upside down
reminds us of what is really important.
 To see your home is gone is terrifying.
To know your things are all over the neighborhood is mind boggling.
To know personal papers are being read by others is invasive.
To know that your insurance coverage won't be enough is gut-wretching.
To see that your 25 year old trees are gone is hard to comprehend.
But to know that everyone is safe,
That many people are helping through donations,
That many people are using vacation time to help clean up,
These are the actions that help people know they are not alone.

Think about some tangible ways you can offer help.


  1. Barb,

    You okay? The tornado hit one two lane street from my home. I have never seen anything like it and hope to never see it again. My home and my street NO damage....the homes across the street from me lost second stories, roofs, cars, trees uprooted. NO ONE injured. I hope you are okay. I just got my Charter restored so will be posting again soon to my blog. Love to you! Carol

  2. Sometimes tragedy opens our eyes.

  3. Oh Barb, were you hit? If yes, I am so deeply sorry. I'm sad for all the people whose lives were so disrupted. God help them all. Susan

  4. Excellent post, Barb. How true and timely. Thanks for sharing.