Sunday, May 22, 2011

An Attitude of Thanksgiving

      I have been in a very thankful mindset lately. It takes a conscious effort to keep an attitude of thanksgiving. One of the first things on my list is the fact that I was able to get up this morning. I was able to do things for myself: shower, brush my teeth, comb my hair, and so on. Being able to do these simple daily routines are worth a bushel of thanksgiving already.
       My husband had taken his car to the mechanic to find out why it was leaking water. He was thinking that some hoses needed to be replaced. Well, over $600.00 later, it was not the hoses. The radiator had a major problem along with a few other connected parts. Where is the thanksgiving in that? For starters, we had the money and time for the repairs to be completed that same day. Of course, we would have preferred to spend the money on other things. The part was readily available. Usually this particular part would have to have been ordered and at least another day at the shop. I was also grateful that it happened locally and not on a long distance trip. One final gratitude thought was that we still had access to my car. It would have meant some creative juggling, but I was thankful once again. See how one thankful thought leads to another and another? I am reminded of a verse in
I Thessalonians 5:18: "Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

What is on your gratitude list today? I'm catching up on reading after not blogging for awhile and I see that is also in a thankful mode. Travel to her blog for inspiration too.

There is a great contest going on at, It's called "Give Me Grape Giveaway". Check it out.


  1. Hi Barbara...You HAVE been MIA. Glad you are okay. It's wonderful to be thankful. Thanks for the reminder to be thankful in ALL circumstances. Sometimes that is hard.

    Today, on this chilly and dark day, weather-wise, I am thankful for our comfortable house, good food to eat for supper, deep faith in God, and good health!

    Take care and have a good night. Susan

  2. Yes, it's always better to be thankful and look on the bright side, instead of griping and complaining...

  3. I am thankful for those who hear God's voice and willingly do his work especially when called to the trenches. My husband was asked to speak at a tiny church in a part of our town that has great need. The pastor is warrior and I'm thankful for his service.

  4. I'm glad you are okay too - I am GRATEFUL for that!

  5. Thankful that I can walk, see and talk. Thankful for family and friends and a new day every morning. Thankful for your sweet blog!

  6. I awake each morning and thank God for my many blessings, not the least of which is mobility. Being able to get out of bed and start a new day is motivation enough. Have a good week.

  7. I am thankful that Teagan is sweet 88% of the time.

    I am thankful that my husband loves me and my son as much as he does.

    I am thankful that we finally decided on Teagans birthday party!

    I am thankful that all of our needs and many of our wants are being met.

  8. Hey-- I use this formula to figure out what percentage of time Teagan is sweet!

    Number of minutes Teagan is being sweet/well behaved in a day/ Number of minutes Teagan is awake

    I also then did this equation: Number Of Days I DON'T Consider Renting Him Out So I Can Get 5 Minutes/ Number Of Days In A Month

    Then I averaged your those two!

    I'm VERY lucky- Teagan is very well behaved and very sweet.