Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So Many Choices

Water, water, everywhere but which one to drink? While grocery shopping recently, I wandered down the beverage aisle. It was amazing to see the variety of water that was available.  Who would have thought that this common, everyday liquid would command such an honorable presence? There was spring water, mineral water, distilled water, flavored water, water from this mountain, water from that mountain, and imported water. Let's not leave out sparkling water. After reading all of the labels, I had a headache. I need to take an extra strength of something. Do I dare go down the pain reliever aisle? Pass the water please!

Which water do you drink?


  1. I drink a very rare water. Not many people drink the same water I do. The brand of water I drink is "FW"---faucet water.

    (I personally have proof that ALL of the bottled water comes out of the same faucet. They just put fancier labels on some, compared to others.)

  2. We generally buy spring water rather than "purified water," which is actually fancy tap water.

  3. Okay - I do have a two filters here at home for my water. Just tastes better to me.

  4. If you knew what I knew about water, you would cringe. My husband worked for 37 years at a water treatment plant, and my son works for the sewer district. I try not to think of what/where it used to be :0 I drink it out of the faucet. It's probably no more harmful than the chemicals leaching from the plastic water bottles. Drink up, folks.