Saturday, May 28, 2011

We're in Trouble

       Have you taken notice of the television commercials during daytime programming? America, we are in trouble. There is a chemical or gadget to rescue us from every ailment known to man. For example, if you need more fiber in your diet, you can drink, chew, or swallow your way to better health. If there is a pain, you can rub a stronger acting cream or liquid over the affected area. If you need help falling asleep, there is a blue pill. If you need help waking up, there is a pink pill. If your wrinkles need to be repaired, there is an aid for that. There are heat wraps, ice packs, and super strength tablets for instant relief from pain. We don't even have to leave our homes anymore. The medicines and gadgets can be delivered to our doors.
       If you saw my medicine cabinet, you would see the myriad of medicines that I take for this, that, and the other. I try not to think about the side effects. If you ever read the patient information leaflets that accompany your prescriptions or over the counter medicines, you have to be amazed at all the things that could happen while taking those various medications. Next time, a commercial comes on about the latest breakthrough in treating headaches, listen as the announcer rattles off the possible results, in a very low voice, I might add.
Usually the last thing said is how it may result in death. Wow, like I said, we're in trouble.


  1. this. My college daughter is home right now and we were just talking about some of the same things you mentioned! :)

  2. Chris Rock does a marvelous bit about the TV commercials for medicine. He says the ads go something like this: "Are you tired? Are you hyper? Do your feet hurt? Is your hairline receding? We have something that will help you. Are you feeling stressed? Have you gained some weight? Is your skin losing its elasticity? We have a medicine that will help you." (and he goes on and on, much better than this)

  3. I just learned that the medicine I was taking for five years to prevent bone loss, is now blamed for causing bone breaks! UGH

  4. Hi Barb...Yup. You are right. Our society IS in trouble. However, we can advocate for ourselves. I do NOT take any meds (except for one thyroid pill) and do not let the doctor prescribe any. I try to eat a balanced diet, swim three to four times a week, and don't smoke. So far so good.

    Nowadays, the medical world prescribes meds for little children---get 'em started on pills early! No way. That is awful.
    I hear those ads on tv. Why ANYONE would take some of them after hearing about the possible side effects is beyond my comprehension.

    My Mom died at age 91 and did NOT take meds until the very last year. I think that's why she lived so long! Susan