Monday, May 30, 2011



It is about freedom you say.
Then you must live in the USA.
The principles of our country are tried and true.
Many have lost their lives for the red, white, and blue.
Our citizens have choices that only freedom brings.
It's the Star Spangled Banner that we so proudly sing.
Let's not take our freedoms for granted as some do.
Our flag waves high for me and for you.
We live in America where we're free every day.
Thanks to our Armed Forces who have paved our way.


  1. Hi Barbara,
    What a nice way to remember the fallen.

  2. What a surprise! A poem that has a perfect rhyme scheme from you!

    (Blogger is acting up...I've tried to leave a comment several times.----Sioux)

  3. Nice tribute for Memorial Day. We all get to enjoy a long weekend, but there's so much more to it.