Tuesday, May 31, 2011

That Personal Touch?

        My friends know how much personal notes and cards mean to me, especially in this digital world we live in. I believe a letter or note scribbled on a card can make someone's day. It has a way of nourishing the relationship, both for the giver as well as the recipient. So imagine the smile on my face when I saw the mail today. There was an envelope with my name and address handwritten, not typed. My smile faded quickly as I unfolded the letter. It was from my college alumni association asking for a contribution. Even the business community is now realizing the impact of that "personal" touch. It was a form letter, but at the bottom someone had scribbled a personal note thanking me for my past support. Their bookkeeping must be off-kiltered. I have yet to make a donation to my former institute of higher education. This goes to show you just how "personal" the letter really was. I wonder how many other graduates of the college were just as disappointed. I can honestly say that this did not nourish my relationship with the college. I just might write them a note with my own "personal" touch. After all, it has been over  forty-two years.

Have you received any mail recently with a "personal" touch?


  1. They even have fonts that look amazingly similar to handwritten writing.

    How slick they are!

  2. I LOVE to receive a handwritten note, too, Barb! I've just begun a little revitalizing of that...trying to send a short note to someone, at least once in a while!
    And, BTW, I've been tricked by the same "fake" handwritten address, etc! :(

  3. Scam artists are everywhere. I too enjoy receiving and sending handwritten letters. Enjoy your weekend.