Friday, June 17, 2011

Fathers Are Special Too

As we approach Father’s Day, 2011, I encourage you to give thanks for the “fathers” who have been in your life. It has taken years for me to say these words : “I never knew my father.” I don’t have any idea what he looks like, what his mannerisms are, or how much like him I may be. This has been a mysterious void in my life. My hat goes off to men all over the world who have stepped up to the plate to fulfill their calling as a father.

I had the word “fathers” in quotation marks. Why? Even though I never knew my biological father, I had a wonderful grandfather and uncles who stood in the gap as I was growing up. I am sure there are others who have had people as surrogate dads for one reason or another.

Do we realize the importance of a father in a child’s life? It’s a given about the mother’s importance, but I believe we need to place just as high a value on the father’s place and not just on the third Sunday in June.

For whatever circumstance has occurred where the dad is not present, ask our Heavenly Father for someone to stand in the gap. He is the benchmark for the character of a father. He will provide people who can help fill the empty places as needed.

As you are reading, I’m sure some questions are in your mind. I have questions too. Perhaps the answers will come in another time or another place.

If you have been fortunate to have had a great father, thank the Lord. If otherwise, commit the lack of such a person in your life to the Lord. Our hearts were not meant to carry this burden alone. Let’s applaud fathers everywhere and not just on Father’s Day.


  1. I too never knew my biological father. I have no idea what his name is/was or what he looked like. I've read that his family was from Greece, but I certainly missed out on THAT boat when it comes to skin and hair.

    Barbara---Your father missed out. You are a phenomenal woman, and not getting to know you and enjoy your achievements and get to spoil your children and's a huge loss for him.

    You've got me thinking on a post I might do on Sunday...Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Sioux. Back at you. I can't wait to read your post.

  3. I am sorry you didn't have an earthly father. I am glad that you had someone to step in. I can tell you this - he sure missed a great daughter!

  4. Even though you have a void for not having known your earthly father, your Heavenly Father has been with you every step of the journey. Susan

  5. Barb, This is a wonderful message, and you are blessed to have had these surrogates in your life.

  6. Hi Barba,
    What a moving post. You are such a wonderful person. You are truly blessed to have such positive father figures in your life.

  7. Beautiful and moving message. I have been blessed with a father and mother, and they recently celebrated their anniversary. They proved to me that a marriage can survive challenges, near death, and much more than I can list here.

  8. Beautiful post. Amen to every word.