Monday, June 20, 2011

Signs of Summer

Summer will officially arrive on Tuesday. As far as the weather goes, summer had started weeks ago. I knew the calendar noted summer to begin on June 21, but for me, it was this past Friday. Why? I saw my first lightning bug. What memories! As kids, we would find a jar and try to catch as may bugs as we could, thinking we would have our very own flashlights. Of course this didn’t work because the fireflies’ lights would not be in sync. But what did we know?

Another summer time event is that old familiar sound of the ice cream truck. Children from near and far would come running to pay for an overpriced frozen treat. Where did all of these kids come from? They had not been seen at any other time of the day. It was if that red, white, and blue ice cream vehicle was the Pied Piper.

Okay, parents. Why weren’t those shorts your pre-teen daughters are wearing given away? The little girls are growing up, but someone forgot to tell the shorts to grow up with them. Granted, it is very hot, but help the daughters have some sense of acceptable dress.

Have you been to the local home care centers yet? A potential customer can hardly get in the door without tripping over bags of mulch, soil, fertilizer, and on and on of lawn care products. There are several weekend warriors buying that new tool. It promises to do everything. That’s right, just one tool and you are set for life. One better have a plan before entering these stores. Your lifetime savings can be gone in a flash and your home still won’t be on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens.

Last, but not least, another sign of summer is the door to door salesperson. His mission is to let the neighbors know about a special price for a state of the art alarm system. If we act right this minute, there will be a great deal, guaranteed for the next twelve months. What is this sign of summer trying to tell us?

Okay, your turn. What is your sign of summer?


  1. Hello Barb!
    Signs of summer.... I would have to say, the flowers in my gardens, the smell of fresh cut grass, sitting on my deck watching the clouds and listening to the chirps of little birdies....These are just a few of my favorite signs of summer. Be blessed!

  2. Kids playing in sprinklers...

  3. I love this post - how cute and true it is. And I agree - girls put on a little longer shorts!

    Signs of summer here - is Heat and Humidity! Whew.

  4. I have to agree with you on the lightning bug as a sign of summer. Also, the smell of water from a garden hose on a hot sidewalk.

    I had forgotten that Tuesday is the first day of summer. Maybe my subconscious realized it all along, because I just wrote a long post about my childhood summers.

    We had the ice cream truck AND a sno-cone truck. Decisions, decisions.

  5. Freeing my tootsies. I love flip flops. I was going to write that I love thongs, but realized, that might be misconstrued :)

  6. My sign of summer is the thunderstorm. We are in the middle of a drought, west Texas, and haven't seen rain, much less a storm in months. I do love the smell of the rain and the heavenly show of lightening and thunder.