Friday, January 6, 2012

Kim's Fip Flops

My local Christian radio station, JoyFM, 99.1 has wonderful announcers. One of my favorites is a young woman named Kim. She loves flip flops and is often teased by her co-host. I wrote this poem for her and she read it on the air recently.

Flip Flops

Kim loves her flip flops.
This we all know.
If she could, she would wear them in the snow.
Are there flip flop boots for sale anywhere?
Kim would certainly buy herself a pair.
Flip flops come in many colorful hues,
Such as reds, pinks, purples, and a variety of blues.
When spring comes there will be a new selection.
This will enable Kim to add to her collection.
So continue your love for flip flops, Kim.
And be ready to be teased by your co-host, Tim.

illustration:Microsoft Clipart


  1. What a thoughtful (and clever) thing you did. I'm sure Kim enjoyed the poem you wrote for her, As usual, Barb, I am amazed by your ability to rhyme.

  2. Great job! And broadcast on the airwaves, too! I'm sure you could write a good poem even if we still called them "thongs," like back in my childhood.

  3. Wow, how nice that she read it on the air. Good job.

  4. I am with Kim. I would if I could! Nice poem, AND air time. Wow!