Friday, January 13, 2012

Sisterhood in the Hair Salon

          When you walk into your favorite beauty salon, you are not just getting your hair done. You are entering a sisterhood.  On any given day there will be females from every marital status, career, and age. There may be an aunt, a grandmother, sister, daughter, and a mother. The women are in different seasons of their lives. Each one believes she is there to get a new “do”, but she will come away with so much more.
Sometimes a few tears may be shed, but for the most part there is plenty of laughter. For an hour or two, you can hear or give advice. Usually it’s about children or the gal’s mate. You might also hear about a great movie that just came out or that fabulous book everyone must read.
Whatever is going on in your life, you will probably meet a girlfriend who has traveled down that same path. It is a whole lot easier to share a struggle when you know someone else has had a similar experience.
Let’s not forget the hair stylist. She or he is an artist. A wealth of talent and skill is at their fingertips. No pun intended. With a twist of the wrist or the flip of a curl, the client ends up pleasantly surprised. The other ladies give their approval with smiles and words.
Each person who enters the salon is an automatic member of the sisterhood. The atmosphere inspires people to share hopes, dreams, and yes, their fears. For the time spent, the ladies are a lifeline for one another. A bonding takes place where one person is available to lift another one up. Many ladies keep regular appointments. Yes, this is good for their hair, but it is even better for their hearts.
Question: Can you say that you are a member of the sisterhood?


  1. I'm a regular once a month member of the sisterhood and so enjoy my visits!

  2. I visit my hairdresser in her home, and it is the best forty-five minutes of catch up gossip and laughter.

  3. I don't have a standing appointment at the hairdresser but surely share you view. My aunt worked at a salon in the 60's, Claudine's, which we visited regularly and that sisterhood was evident there. I do like my young stylist, she keeps me in the current.

  4. I love this post. I'm not real big on beauty salons for various reasons. But I do agree that it is a place for bonding and a day of beauty and much-needed pampering. Happy 2012!