Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finding Me

I was visiting with a friend who had lost her husband recently. She was sharing some struggles they had had all throughout their time together. My friend kept referring back to the phrase, "finding me". I asked what did she mean. Even as a little girl she had responsibilities in caring for others. She was the youngest child, but her mother told her that she was more mature than the others. Consequently, she was given more duties. This has been her path for as long as she can remember. So she was never able to be or do the things she wanted. Marriage was the same way. So between her husband and the children, she still never had time for herself. Now that the children are adults and with the passing of her husband, she is going to be on a mission to "find me". I told her that I would be checking in periodically to see what she is discovering.

Question: What have you done to "find you"?


  1. Hi Barb! Great post. I think in many cases, as in mine, it takes some aging to be able to find ourselves. If we have children, it may take until they go off to college. We have to learn to focus on ourselves and not others. And the biggest thing that happened to me, that allowed me to find myself, was realizing I could write...at the "old age" of 48!

  2. At this point in my life Ive encouraged my son in his college career to find what he can do to change the world. With him gone I'm wondering what I can do to change the world. Still working that out.

  3. This is a thought-provoking question, Barb. My friends have helped me find myself. Day trips with chica peeps, an occasional weekend with my sister, Wednesdays with my critique group...they have all helped me in my journey to find myself.