Thursday, January 19, 2012

Some Day

 I have really been listening to people alot this week. I am hearing snippets of words that have caught my attention. The poem below is the result of hearing people talk about "some day". I know I have said those two words myself.

              Some Day
“Some day” many people have said.
It’s about those dreams dancing in their heads.

The hopes and desires have gone astray.
The pressures of life show up each day.
But “some day” is right in our face.
Let’s take steps to find our place.
Revisit our dreams and map them all out.
That is what dreaming is all about.
“Some day” may be words to keep us down.
But the word “today” has a sweeter sound.

Has your "some day" come to pass? What is keeping you from saying "today"? Just something to think about.


  1. Ahhh, so true! I don't like it when I say "some day", either. Most of the time, it has to do with that awful thing we all need in this world....MONEY. Ick! Someday I'll travel. Someday I'll do this or that...etc. It all takes money. BUT, the things that I CAN do, that don't require money, or much of it, I definitely take advantage enjoy life as much as possible, and help others, etc. Great poem, Barb!

  2. As always, I'm amazed how you can take small snippets of conversation, or an everyday sight, and make it into a thought-provoking poem.

    I've done some of my "someday" things. I've skydived, I've gone to France, I'm (currently) trying to add to my publications as a writer. However, there are some "someday" things that are still pending...See the Grand Canyon. Go parasailing. Swim with the dolphins/whales...Teach in Africa for a summer.

    Like Becky, my main obstacle is moolah.

  3. Hi Barbara,
    You are an inspiration. Your posts always get me to think.

    My "someday" is usually "tomorrow." What's keeping me? I guess not enough hours in the day.

  4. Becky, you are so right. It does take money to do alot of our "some day" dreams. Thank you for your comments.

    Sioux, have you ever applied to he People to People program? I don't know if they go to Africa, but you might look into it. Loved your story in Sassee.

    Donna, You amaze me with all you are able to accomplish. I tip my hat to you. That is, if I wore hats. (smiles)