Sunday, October 14, 2012

Time Heals All Wounds?

There was a time I believed the line, "Time heals all wounds." But I am re-evaluating those words. It should read, "when the wound has been cleaned and antibiotics applied, then the wound will heal." If the wound is left as is, the bacteria will multiply and infection will set in. Also, whatever instrument was used to inflict the wound must be studied. The instrument was contaminated and whatever was on it, got into the wound.

I  am applying this to relationships. When a person has been wounded, help is needed to restore that person back to good health. In most cases words are the instruments people use to inflict pain. The person causing the pain must ask for forgiveness while the wounded person decides he/she will forgive or not. Forgiveness is really the antibiotic that must be applied. If forgiveness is not applied, the wounded individual will be opened to more wounding as time goes on. Like an infection that spreads, not forgiving will have a longer, more lasting effect than the wound itself.

Is there a wound you are trying to heal from? Have you applied the ointment of forgiveness? Try it and then see if "time does heal the wound more quickly."

Thursday, October 11, 2012

             Seasons of Change

The seasons were given to help us with changes.
Look at how the Lord lovingly arranges--

Each winter, spring, summer, and fall,
Our Father is in control of them all.

The changes in our lives are like that too.
Our Heavenly Father knows just what to do.

Welcome each change that comes your way.
For God has your back each and every day.

No matter the season He holds your hand.
It is on His promises that we can stand.

So embrace the changes that come about.
Give God the praise with a mighty shout!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hurting Hearts

I had written the following poem some time ago before my new chapter, unaware that I would be able to identify with the content later on. This was an earlier post but i tweaked it to ft this theme. As I have begun to share with others, I am amazed at the stories I am hearing. As life would have it, each of us will go through something. It is what we do with that "something" that tells the story.

Watching people as they go by,
so many hurts and a silent cry,
could be heard if listen we dare,
to offer kind words to show we care.

Why do we pretend all is well,
when deep down we're going through hell?
Do we really want to cry, but laugh instead,
to avoid facing what's in our head?

We hide behind busyness or lots of TV,
to cloud the picture we don't want to see.
Avoiding the telephone when it rings,
keeping to ourselves, we don't say a thing.

The longer we ignore the pain that we feel,
the greater the time we will need to heal.

So even though some marriages are slipping away,
Know that the Lord will still make a way.

Do you find people are more willing to share when you have become transparent about something you have experienced?

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I am almost back. No, that's not correct. Those words imply that the same me has returned.  Not so. Looking at the previous post about tea, I can definitely say I have been steeping in some extremely and long lasting hot water. As the days unfold, I will be sharing where I have been all these months. I have missed each of you and look with great anticipation on catching up with you.
 Enjoy these cooler temps.